In 2016, my position at NYBG allowed me to start Morel Dilemma, an accessible science podcast dedicated to the fungi all around us, how they grow, and what they are called. The first few episodes address fungal biology and stories of mushroom domestication and cultivation. When my internship at the Garden ended, I continued the podcast, expanding it to incorporate more advanced concepts like lichen symbiosis and mycorrhizal interaction. I have episodes about fungi in the human body, on Antarctica, in flower roots, in the fossil record, and in space! No matter your interests, there should be a topic, and an episode, for you to enjoy.

In many of the episodes, I was lucky enough to talk to experts who do interesting and amazing things with fungi, like making video games about them, growing new varieties, and incorporating fungi into orchid conservation. If you are interested in coming onto the podcast or you have a topic you would like me to cover, please visit the Contact page.