Mycology Resources

These are resources I keep coming back to. Some of them are widely used in the mycology community. Please remember to check any forage with an expert, in person, before eating something you find. by Michael Kuo

Mr. Kuo is my go-to for checking identification guides in older books. His website, which has been regularly updated for 18 years, has both photos and vivid descriptions of most of the mushrooms I’ve ever thought to look for as well as identification keys and genus descriptions. Kuo goes from mushroom height and color all the way down to spore and hyphal morphology, so however committed you want to be, the Mushroom Expert has your back.

MycoKey, the “Morphing Mushroom Identifier”

Any time I want to see what a fictional mushroom could correspond to, I go to MycoKey. The intuitive key lets you click through illustrations and select specific colors, making it much more intuitive than a traditional paper key. The website is in beta and only lets users look for cap-and-stem mushrooms (so no stinkhorns, coral fungi, or brackets). You can check out my full review in this post.