Colorful Fungi! (Listener Photos)

This blog entry accompanies Episode 6 of the podcast. It contains listener-submitted photographs.

In preparation for Episode 6 (History Boletes Itself), I asked listeners to send me pictures of colorful fungi they had found. From mushrooms to self-dyed wool, you really got into the color game!

To start off, Kayley Abell-Hart (Massachusetts) sent in a photo with some massive sulfur shelf.

Kayley Abell-Hart.jpg

Benny Coughlin (Connecticut) sent in this pair of stark white Amanitas in training.

Benny Coughlin.jpeg

Benny and Aden Brown (Massachusetts) sent in color-changing boletus mushrooms. When cut or bruised, some boletes will stain blue!

Benny’s first picture shows the vibrant yellow pores hiding under a dully colored cap.
Benny’s second photo shows the lamellae, or spore-bearing surfaces, in the cut bowlete starting to tinge blue.
Aden’s photo shows the blue color slowly staining a fresh cut.

Aden also sent in some brilliant orange cup fungi.

Aden Brown (1).jpg

I was also delighted to receive some pictures of dyeing experiments! Julie has only been dyeing yarn with natural pigments since May 2016, but she’s already gotten a rainbow from the lobster mushroom, Hypomyces lactiflourum.

Julie Dam (1).jpg

And she wasted no time turning that yarn into a delightful hat!

Julie Dam (2).JPG

You can see other things Julie is working on at Way to bring they dye-ing wisdom of the ancients back to life, Julie!

If you have a pretty fungus you’d like to share, drop it in a message to and it could be featured on the blog too! I love looking at them. They’re so pretty.

(The thumbnail image for this post is a purple bolete I found in Colorado several years ago. I’ve been itching for an opportunity to post it!)


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