The Morel Dilemma Christmas Album Re-Release

Merry holiday wishes to you all! I got a lovely request to put the holiday songs back up, since I deactivated the Patreon at the start of the pandemic so nobody could access them. I’m sorry to have denied you these hyphal holiday classics, but here they are now, the full album for you to enjoy! And I do hope you enjoy them. The songbook is available at the bottom of the page. In addition to the words, it has fun facts about some of the songs. Happy holidays!

Please note that “I Saw Mommy Eating Chanterelles” is louder than the other songs, a mixing issue I didn’t notice when I first released them. Also, the backing karaoke track for that song doesn’t know the ‘right’ words. Sorry about that!

Carol of the Amanitas (Carol of the Bells):

I Saw Mommy Eating Chanterelles (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus):

Let Us Grow (Let It Snow):

I Saw Some Mushrooms (I Saw Three Ships):

I Think I Found a Puffball (I Had a Little Dreidel):

The Morel is an Ascomycete (The Holly She Bears a Berry):

The Full Songbook

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